Especially in East Africa, Air Conditioning has become an integral part of people’s lives, and is important to ensuring the comfort of your employment team and clients. If you want your office building to remain cool & effective, air conditioning maintenance must be carried out on a regular basis.

service2Our professional mechanics are highly skilled experienced to service and repair your Commercial Air Conditioning System. We recommend that ‘pre-fix’ air conditioning maintenance be carried out regularly. This will ensure that the unit is functioning at its best. This will also make the system ideal for your specific cooling & heating requirements as well as compatible with current legislation.

Oh no! You may require emergency air conditioning maintenance in case of a system failure. Trust Ranco Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services to repair any damages in the system or replace aging parts to let it function property.

We offer broad experience from exposure to a number of different commercial sectors with a strong service presence in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda – giving you the confidence of a well-oiled, smooth running system that will meet the needs of your business like a breeze and for a long time.

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