Choosing the Right Commercial HVAC Company: How to Do It, Why It Matters

Protect Your Heating and Air Conditioning Investment.

commercial HVAC, service and maintenanceSaving money is on everyone’s minds these days, and no one is more frugal than a savvy commercial building owner. Nevertheless, many operations managers and property owners forget to take care of one of the most important elements of a successful commercial building: the heating and cooling system. As you know, a good HVAC system is not only a selling point for future tenants and investors, but keeps existing occupants happy and productive. Protecting that asset will help you save money and prevent unnecessary repairs or premature replacements, too.

First, take a look at what you might need. Are you running a business with refrigeration and storage inside the building that will require immediate attention to protect your stock? Is your building home to a busy office or high-value tenants who have come to expect responsive courtesy and service from every professional who enters your building?

Along with a fair price and high value for your dollar, these are important considerations too . Do your homework when it comes to signing a maintenance and repair contract with a local HVAC company.

Check out their website. What services are offered? Are there testimonials from clients or is it an obvious cut-and-paste site with no real information other than marketing babble? Are there useful white papers or helpful one-sheets offered for free, or is it just “call us today?”

Check out their socials. Does the HVAC company post regularly to their accounts with relevant news, information and community updates? Choosing a company with local roots and relationships offers reliability and consistency, while selecting a new business or one owned and operated by an out-of-town corporate entity might not. Furthermore, you should see clear indications of happy customers, with recent engagement and testimonials about the company’s service. Seeing nothing, or strangely robotic praise, are both red flags for you as a potential client.

Check their references. Can the company offer recent, high quality references from commercial customers just like you? Remember, your HVAC professionals will be coming in and out of your building on a regular basis, over a relatively long period of time. You’ll be entrusting them with expensive equipment and responsibility for your indoor air safety and quality for 12 months or more. Integrity counts.

Follow up on licenses and insurance. It may seem to go without saying, but anyone having anything to do with your heating and air conditioning needs to be licensed and insured before setting foot on your property.

We’re confident that Air-Tro goes above and beyond in all the areas mentioned above- and more. As the ten-time winner of the SoCal Readers Choice for the best HVAC company in the San Gabriel Valley, we’re proud of what our family-owned business has accomplished in our community and beyond. Check us out. Follow up on our references. Read our testimonials. And remember, you deserve the best!

Air-Tro is the 2023 winner of the San Gabriel Valley’s Readers Choice Award for best HVAC company. We’ve been the favorite heating and air conditioning company for residential and commercial customers alike in the San Gabriel Valley since 1969. Call us today.  (626)357-3535.

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