Inconsistent Cooling Within Your Home: A Troubleshooting Guide

Get Indoor Comfort in Every Room of Your Home

Uneven cooling

During the hottest months, it can be quite unpleasant to have one room in your home be less comfortable than another. 

The most obvious possible remedy comes from your house itself. Is there an open window letting in hot air, or another conduit from the outside?  Make sure there are tight seals on all your windows and doors. If the room is exposed to hot sun every afternoon, why not keep shades drawn in that room during the warmest part of the day? 

Next, check your vents and registers. Has one been closed or blocked by furniture or household items? Keep all vents and registers clear so that they can blow that cooler air into the room. If you don’t feel cooler air coming from one particular vent, you may have a blockage inside the ductwork. Consider taking off the vent or register cover and vacuuming inside it, just to remove any excess dust or other barriers to proper airflow. 

Change your air filters. These can also prevent good ventilation, particularly if you have pets or recently completed a home remodeling project that generated a lot of dust  Smoke, pollution from the outside, and windy weather can also translate into a blocked air filter. Luckily, these filters are relatively inexpensive, available everywhere and usually quite easy to replace within your home. 

Move your HVAC fan from “auto” to “on.” This setting on your thermostat will let the system fan stay on even when your equipment is not actively cooling. The fan will even out the temperatures throughout your home. In contrast, keeping your HVAC fan set to “auto” will allow the fan only  to be on when the outside equipment is working and cooling. 

Consider better insulation. Even with a top-quality air-conditioning system, your house may not maintain even temps if there isn’t enough insulation to keep the cool air from escaping. For this, get an expert to assess and make recommendations on how best to insulate your attic and walls. It’s a strategy that will not only save you money on heating and cooling but reduce uneven spots and maintain consistent indoor comfort throughout your home. 

Whether it’s a bedroom that never cools down or a study that always seems a little stuffy and warm, uneven cooling is a common HVAC problem for which there are several possible solutions. Don’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to your indoor comfort!