Read the Room: The Size Of Your HVAC System Matters Too 

Incorrectly Sized Air Conditioning Has Consequences for Your Budget and Your Home

HVAC System, indoor comfort
Everybody is happy when your HVAC is correctly sized for your home.

We all know those sweltering summer days in the San Gabriel Valley, when it seems like any improvement to your indoor comfort might be a good idea. Forget the air conditioning, why not jut install a walk in refrigerator instead of a living room? Surely the biggest system you can get will be the right one for your home. More HVAC equals more indoor comfort, right?

Alternately, you may be considering a smaller than recommended HVAC system. It might be low-priced, or just seem to fit better in the area allotted for it. Does size- bigger or smaller- really matter when it comes to air conditioning?

Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding “yes.” The reality is that a system that is not sized correctly for your home could be a big problem when it comes to your utility bills. It also might prevent you from keeping you and your family comfortable during the hot months here in the Southland.

When your system is too small, you’ll notice higher energy bills. After all, the equipment must keep running nonstop to cool a larger space than for which it’s designed. You’ll probably notice this as the HVAC never turns off, along with the fact that the temperature never seems to get down very low, no matter what the setting on the thermostat.

Furthermore, what you aren’t probably seeing is the increased wear and tear on all elements of your AC. This results in more frequent breakdowns and service calls, along with the entire system lasting a whole lot less time than the right-sized unit would under the same conditions.

A larger-than-specified unit comes with its own problems, too. First, it will result in higher than normal utility bills, because the equipment is constantly shutting on and off so as not to overcool such a small space. That costs money, and it also results in more wear and tear as well on your equipment. A bigger than necessary system also won’t eliminate  humidity from your home, as it is never on long enough to really do so. This dampness results in its own problems, including musty smells, mold and other unpleasant moisture by-products.

Are you convinced yet? The way to get the perfectly sized system for home is pretty simple for a qualified HVAC tech, if not for a layperson. It is an accepted formula based on the idea that one ton of cooling capacity can cool 400 square feet of your home. Multiply the results of this formula by 12,000 BTUs and you now know the system cooling capacity needed. Other issues also come into play when choosing the kind of equipment, of course, including whether you can have ductwork, space for a condenser outside, etc, but that information is enough to get you started.

When it comes to AC, careful prep pays off. Call Air-Tro today to find out more about how to get cost-effective, high performance indoor comfort for your home.

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