Why a Fall Air Conditioning Tune-up is a Good Idea

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Why a Fall Air Conditioning Tune-up is a Good Idea

The hottest days of the year are behind you. So, why should you schedule an air conditioning tune-up now? Though it may seem counter-productive, there are several reasons fall is an excellent time for AC maintenance. 

Your AC just put in a lot of work: The hot summer months represent the period of heaviest use for your AC. It’s been running for hours on end. The motor and other essential components have undergone a great deal of stress. Plus, many of its moving parts may be coated with pollen, dirt, dust, and other pollutants. A tune-up can remove this buildup, rather than leaving it to sit and adhere over the next several months.

Fall AC tune-up scheduling beats extreme weather rushes: When the heat is on, AC problems and breakdowns are plentiful. It’s often difficult to find an available tech, let alone get someone to accommodate your busy schedule. Springtime can be somewhat hectic, too. Proactive property owners are having their HVAC equipment serviced in anticipation of the upcoming hot temperatures. During the chilly months, your HVAC technicians may be busy keeping up with furnace issues and other heating equipment repairs. But during the lull between the end of summer and the onset of cooler weather, HVAC techs are apt to have more time to schedule tune-ups – for both AC units and furnaces. You have a better chance of getting a top-rated company to service your AC. You’re also likely to get more flexible scheduling options for your convenience.  

Off-season savings or discounts are often available: Smart shoppers know that the off-season is a great time to reap extra savings. The same holds with service professionals. Keep your eyes peeled for discounts and deals to save even more money when you make the economical choice to schedule an air conditioning tune-up in the fall.

Tune-ups are smart at any time of the year: Whether you choose to schedule a tune-up in the fall or during any other season routine HVAC maintenance is important. It helps ensure that your equipment continues working well. Regular tune-ups can help prevent expensive repairs. A professional tech also recognizes when your cooling equipment is putting an abnormal strain on your energy consumption.

To learn more about the benefits of an air conditioning tune-up, reach out to our knowledgeable team at Conditioned Air today.