Why Do Some Homeowners Prefer Ductless HVAC?

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Are you looking for a convenient, minimally invasive climate control solution that won’t blow up your energy budget? If so, it’s time to discover why homeowners are increasingly choosing ductless HVAC systems for their Naples, FL homes.

Easy and Compact Installation

The air ducts required for conventional HVAC systems occupy considerable space, which can be problematic in smaller homes. If your house doesn’t already have ductwork, it can also be messy and labor-intensive to install. By contrast, ductless HVAC systems need only small conduits to connect indoor and outdoor units, requiring little space and no disruptive demolition. Ductless air handlers can also be placed almost anywhere, giving you maximum freedom to design a system that works specifically for you.

Greater Efficiency and Comfort Control

With traditional forced-air designs, even the most efficient HVAC systems can be undermined by sketchy ductwork. Leaky, inadequately insulated air ducts waste a lot of energy, costing you money and making your home less comfortable. Dirty air filters and blocked vents only make the problem worse. Since they don’t need to distribute air around your home, ductless HVAC systems effectively eliminate these issues. Instead, they provide precise, energy-efficient heating and cooling right where you need it. With a ductless multi-split system, your family can even control their own air handlers independently to suit their preferences.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

In addition to minimizing wasted energy, eliminating air ducts also eliminates a major source of indoor air pollution. Ordinary HVAC ducts tend to collect a lot of dust and other particulates, especially if they aren’t cleaned periodically. As air flows through the ductwork, these pollutants can become airborne and spread all throughout your living space. That’s simply not a problem with ductless HVAC systems. What’s more, many high-quality ductless units incorporate advanced filtration to further improve air quality.

If this all sounds a little too good to be true, why not call Conditioned Air and see for yourself? With premium equipment and professional installation services, we’re equipped to deliver the best that ductless HVAC systems have to offer.