residential solution headingRanco refrigeration & Air Conditioning Residential Air Conditioning Services include

console airconHi Wall Air Conditioning

Hi Wall Air Conditioners are perfect for residential buildings, can be easily installed and are aesthetically pleasant when fitted.

under ceiling aircon Under Ceiling Air Conditioning

Designed to fit right into your ceiling space – you do not see any other part, and this air conditioner blows air in all four directions.

portable airconSmall Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are great for smaller rooms, and give the advantage of mobility.  Warm or cool the parts of your home as needed.

ducted aircon Ducted Central Air Conditioning

Designed not be seen, other than a grille located in different rooms. These air conditioning units can supply heating and cooling in all rooms.

Console Air ConditioningConsole Air Conditioning

These air conditioner units are mounted low on the wall below window height and are especially suited to heating high ceiling homes.